Our entire home sales strategy can be explained by Abraham Lincoln: "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."  Real Estate is the single largest asset in most peoples' portfolio; we understand that and commit to give our all to each and every one of our clients, our relentless sales team doesn't quit working overtime until the deal is closed.

Profound Marketing Exposure

Denver Realty Guru executes marketing at the highest level, with national and global presence, and the strongest online media marketing in the industry.  Many agents may tell a client they market nationally, internationally, and via social media yet have nothing to actually show how they do it.  We prefer to educate our clients and show them the difference between just saying it vs actually having an in depth understanding of how to do it (with results to prove it). 

Social Media

In recent years fueled primarily by online presence and marketing, Matt Collins has built an international referral network as a real estate professional and has risen as one of the top social and online media savvy agents in the industry. With a unique collaborative partnership linking the most innovative real estate marketing team in Los Angeles, the executive team of one of largest real estate sales team in New York, and true Denver specific expertise we unleash a new era of social networking and online media marketing platforms the correct way to integrate online presence and gain exposure on a level unheard of in Denver Real Estates sales until now.  

Agressive Sales Tactics

Everything in our business is to get face to face with people to procure and negotiate offers.  You have to realize the marketing is merely opening a door, and it has to be followed up by aggressive sales activities to produce results.  Many agents rely on marketing and remain reactive to what comes.  We are in the trenches, boots on the ground, pounding the pavement and hammering the phones making sure no rock goes unturned in producing offers and negotiating the best deals for our clients.  It's called working your butt off for a reason - the difference is what your sales team is willing to sacrifice; real estate is 24/7 for us, it's a lifestyle, and we never quit.  

Solving Problems Like a Boss

We'll tell you straight up, problems do arise, and that's totally normal.  The strength of a good agent will help to find an amicable solution that works for everyone.  Matt Collins has the keen ability to sense when something may be an issue, and often addresses it before it ever causes complications.  He is honest, trustworthy, strait forward and to the point.  He treats all his clients as if they are family.  You should enjoy this process, and our team will make sure you do.

Setting Records for Highest Sale Price is Our Norm

More than once in recent years we have set the all-time record for highest price-per-square-foot in a neighborhood's history.  We are the team to shatter records.  In 2016 we produced some of our best numbers yet, in one case even beating a neighborhood in Littleton's historical record sale by 120%.  On another, we netted our client $32,000 more than an identical home that sold 9 doors down (we sold ours in 10 days, the one down the block came for sale 2 weeks later, it took their agent over 4 months to sell the home).  We would love to chat about how we can obtain similar results for you. 


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