Debbie Conner - Legal Compliance

Keller Williams Executives, LLC

With over 25 years in the Colorado Real Estate industry, including time spent as the President of the South Metro Denver Realtor Association, there is no situation you can encounter that Debbie has not already seen.  

With an astute eye for contractual detail, Debbie reviews all legally binding paperwork that we handle and verifies they are properly crafted to protect our clients and agents as intended.  Sloppy paperwork leaves loopholes where you can be taken advantage of by the other side of the table during a transaction.  There is no one we trust more than Debbie to ensure you will never be caught by that trap.  

As the legal compliance officer and managing broker of Keller Williams Executives, Debbie is in constant communication with key players at The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, and the lawyer that advises them, to ensure we are always on the cutting edge of legal issues confronting our industry.