Pie Society Pizza


“New York style” doesn’t mean you have to forget you’re in Colorado - and Pie Society Pizza in Gledale bridges that gap just perfectly. An authentic New York style slice, with ingredients all sourced locally here in Colorado is what you’ll find at this new foodie gem in Glendale. Situated just east of Colorado and Mississippi in Glendale, Pie Society Pizza is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise overcrowded pizza scene. We sat down with the owner and head chef, Daniel, to talk about what makes his pizza stand out among the countless other pizza shops in Glendale alone.



Daniel Tsrilin has been working locally in the pizza business since he was 19 years old. He spent the last 13 years knowing patrons deserved better than what was available in most area pizza shops and a burning desire to one day own a restaurant where he could combine his life-long pizza know how with the best quality local ingredients. This is a man truly on fire with a passion for pizza! Now 32, having spent his entire adult life in Glendale, he’s chosen his hometown as the place to bring his passion to his community.

Daniel told us he named his pizzeria “Pie Society” because “our ingredients are in fact a step above our competition.” A (pun intended) play on “high society,” Pie Society prides itself on using locally sourced ingredients from start to finish and making everything from scratch. “I locally source all the toppings;” Dan said, “[even] the sausage, [it] comes from a butcher about 15 minutes from here.”

Dan’s day typically starts about 3 hours before the shop opens. Utterly dedicated to his process, he doesn’t even trust his employees to do these essential steps - he literally is at the shop himself, making sure everything is produced at the right time and to his exacting standards. The dough, the sauce and even the cheese are prepared fresh each morning. “I start the dough by doing a single mix process, which makes a straight dough.” The transplants from New York will tell you, this is the only way. Fancier doughs, frozen doughs, doughs made the day before - no way, they simply won’t cut if if you want a true New York style pie. For the sauce, Dan’s methods are a throwback to old-school New York eateries as well. Simple, few ingredients, but the freshest ingredients possible and only the finest hand-selected vine ripened tomatoes will do.



Dan Tsrilin is the kind of entrepeneur Coloradans love. Having worked his tail off to get to where he is, he’s not done yet; Dan won’t quit until every customer that walks through this door leaves with a smile, truly enjoying his labor of love in each bite of the simple pies he serves up each day. Next time you’re in Glendale, how about a slice?


Pie Society Pizza


4615 E Missippi Ave

Denver, CO 80246